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Peru P12-17


Let me be the first to compliment you. Muy bueno!...Ricky R.

Peru P12-17
Cusco Steps
Hotel BM Courtyard
St Dominic
Cusco Plaza
Alpaca Yum
Peru Corn
Machu Picchu fm web 01
Sacsay Overview
Way too Wooly
Sacsay Alejandra
Plaza Street
Sacsay Rich-Inga 02

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Belmond Hotel Monasterio

No roads, just steps

Way too wooly

Alpaca con papas fritas



Inti plate 01
Rampart Range



Lomo saltado


Alejandra Ollantaytambo

WOW!!!  What a great summary and review of our trip!  I want to save your article forever as a reminder of this wonderful journey! Thank you for sharing and I hope you don’t mind that I want to share your article with a few friends who have asked for the itinerary as Peru is also on their bucket list....thanks for sharing Bill!!!... Inga S.

Bill, Thank you for sharing your very well written summary of our  Peruvian tour! It brought back pleasant memories of the trip. I enjoyed  traveling with you....Bryan H.

Dear all, hope everybody is in good health and planning another trip. Doug your pictures are fantastic, the books  you recommended are very good, specially Turn Right to Machu Picchu that is very funny. Bill really you are a good writer!!! thanks a lot for  your words...Alejandra.

Great review of a great trip. Your positive outlook inspires me to  revise my curmudgeony outlook and just enjoy. Your brief concise  narration and gentle humor, not to mention your photography and the  effort you donated to produce this for us is greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias!...Brady G.

I really enjoyed reading your travel report. Brought back all the wonderful memories!...Beth G.

Bill, Thank you so much for sharing this with us.I’m thrilled to hear that you  had a good time and enjoyed your experience. We hope to have you join  us on another trip very soon!...Dan S.

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