"This is a book to buy, study and probably keep out of view of your office mates. Mr. German has openly shared his formula for getting ahead in any architecture firm, large or small. Immerse yourself in fascinating tales of inner office machinations. Read about the successes and failures of a professional driven to make himself and his firm an undeniable center of creativity, competitiveness and profitability. The use of clear and simple language is a pleasant surprise coming from a pragmatic and successful practitioner of almost 40 years. Recommended for all levels, interns to proprietors—designers, managers, and those in the trenches."

Sound intriguing? Yes I wrote that brazenly self-serving intro. There are probably even more riveting tales scattered throughout the book itself. Check the Contents, place your order and polish up those reading glasses.

Hi Friends
My book has been published. It is available in print as well as an ebook. Hope you will find the time and money to give it a read. This is my way of saying thank you to the best profession in the world! 15 months of toil, here it is!
                                                  .....You are so welcome.     Bill

Two Books
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