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updated Dec 06 2015

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Travel, Newsletter, General:

Hey Bill,
I really do like this, especially all the history/info from your flying days.  Good stuff!  You got to come up to Boulder for a visit this year; maybe do some skiing at the local Eldora.  I miss skiing with the fiercest skier of them all!  Take care, and keep the news coming.... Dave N.

I finished looking at your website this morning and was so thrilled that you had included so much about your life and your adventures since retirement.  If I had known you were so good with websites, I would have called on you to work on ours for the 50th class reunion at MHS.  Yours is awesome!  I would like to do more as far as updating our class of 61 website but I have forgotten everything that I was taught when I was trying to put it together.  I wish everyone could go to the site and put in what they are doing, or not doing, at the present time.   The place that had our files on all our photos from the annual that I had scanned in from the annual, went out of business.  Therefore I don't think I can resurrect all those photos.  Anyway, I love your website and would love to add it to the class website, with your permission. Take care and enjoy that cool Colorado weather.
 ...Loretto C.

Thanks Bill!
Just dealing with unpleasant marriage stuff…..dampens life…..but this too shall pass….right???!!!! Guess it just takes time to sort out……. Keep writing! You are so entertaining!!!
.... Leslie S.

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Mr G: sounds like an amazing're doing a great job with your  web're inspiring me to work with my grandchildren  computer consultants to bring me into the 90's and dress up my social  media skills.....Peace..
...Dan B.

Don't have time to look at all this right now, but just reading  thismuch, I am jealous!  Sounds like an awesome trip!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lucky you!

AND what about Costa Rica?  Did things go well?  Did you both have fun?......Dawn.W.

You just have way too much fun!  Thanks for sharing.  I can live vicariously through you.  You are definitely enjoying the "good life."
I am also impressed by the way you have mastered the camera and presentation.  Way to go! .....Judy P. 

Great newsletter, Bill..... once again.  And a super cool website.  You are GOOD.... and I can only wish to be as effective at communicating with friends - and letting them know what is going on. 
2013 will definitely be great for you - with the healed shoulder in place, and the plans for travel still expanding..
Enjoy.... Gerald G.

You are good, Dude.... definitely the master of newsletters, and the wizard of website creation and operation.  I admire your ability in those areas - and especially enjoy your writing.  I love your sense of humor - it makes me laugh out loud. 
Whacked by a 30 year old snowboarder - who has no clue as to what he really did to you.  And you are working through it with such an objective and matter-of-fact approach.... I think you might be Superman.  (Of course I am wrong about that, as you would not be working through anything if you really were Superman.)  Let's just say you are a super man to be able to endure all that and keep your sense of humor.
Sure enjoyed the annual missive, Bill - in spite of the injury report.  Since you waited until well on the mend before reporting it - we can only consider all of that "good" news.
 If we wrote a newsletter - our visit to Colorado Springs with you would have been the top feature.  And your generosity and kindness in turning over your luxurious home to us for a full week, would have been the biggest gift we received all year.
....Gerald G.

Hey Bill,
Enjoyed the News Letter and it's always good to hear from you. I'm really glad everything is going well in your retirement life. We miss our Lake Livingston weekend house, but I don't miss all the annual expenses.
I'm still blowing and going with all my safe deposit stuff. Staying really busy lately with some very interesting consulting, lawsuits and training projects. Other than that, my PARTIAL retirement is going very well.
Please keep your wonderful news letter coming and be careful on that new motorcycle. ... Dave M.

Great news letter, you’re having way too much fun, just kidding.
I still enjoy going to the office and seeing a few customers. Not on any boards, no committees, not in charge of anything, set my own hours and play golf with customers.
Took me a long time to figure it out, ha. The happiest person in town is my wife, I’m out of the house. Regards.
 ... Ralph W.

Bill, Even though you're a right-wing Colorado militia zealot, I must be fair and commend you on your newsletter. You really do a good job on this and I showed it to my IT consultant to ask him how I could do something similar.
He suggested we just change the heading on yours and use it as is...because you're obviously having more fun, more adventures and more women! This will save me lots of time and, just like you Republicans in the Primaries, I can adapt whatever persona that best fits my current needs, regardless of the facts.
I hope you're occasionally taking your ladies or men to dance at The Little Bear in Evergreen!.....Dan B.

Bill: Glad you had a good time, and are thinking about coming back.  Larry and I took a little drive today to a small, old, gold mine town called Downieville, and we agree, you would enjoy driving the motor cycle on that route.  It is beautiful, with many lakes (aka Lakes Basin) and hiking trails.  Think you’d like it.  Larry said “Bill can drive his motorcycle and we’ll follow in the car”.  Well, I may want to ride on the back of the motor cycle, at least part of the way.  It wouldn’t be the first time Larry drove behind while I had a ride on a motor cycle.  Anyway, I’m sure he’ll mention it to you the next time he emails.
Years ago, we did actually consider opening a coffee house in Quincy (that would be at least 8 years ago), but now, it just seems like too much work.  Pretty sure Larry enjoys retirement too much to go back to work.  I haven’t had but tastes of what it must be like to retire, and have to admit, it’s very appealing!
All I can say is that “Socks” would have gladly given you her phone number if you had asked...... Kat M.

Your ski partner  is a cutie, not to mention brave. I learned to ski in 1972 when I worked at the ski area ( Badger Pass ) in Yosemite National Park. I learned not to ski again in 1973 after the following events: skied head first into a tree ( the tree was not harmed ), caught a tip and twisted my knee…hobbled for a week, and the final straw…went down on my back and sustained a whip lash injury to my neck. At that point, I decided anyone out of their teens who does not know how to ski is better off bypassing the sport altogether. I did continue to be a lift operator in order to chat up the bunnies for a couple more years and injured my shoulder doing that ( got hit by a lift chair )…bothers me to this day! Sigh…looks like you’re having fun though.... Larry M.

OK!  Life is back to being stable and in the proper order.  I was suffering withdrawal from not having heard from you for a while, but now the planets are back in their orbits and I can get back to whatever passes for normalcy in my life.
Take care of yourself.  As you are learning, our old bodies don't mend as quickly as they used to.  We need to treat the a bit more gently than we are generally accustomed to.
.... Jim N.

Bill: Keep me on the distribution list.  It's entertaining to see what eccentric retired folks do and I have to admit you had me cracking up with your dry/demented sense of humor.  As for me, life is fast and furious.  We only have 4 construction projects going on at the current  time!  We are building out a new Mortgage Center in the upstairs of the Amarillo-Colonies location (one of your last projects).  That makes that building 100% finished-out. Bank is doing well as we hit $1 billion in assets recently, but I have to admit its getting harder to make it all work and all the new regulations are making this business not as much fun as it used to be.  Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are ALIVE and well and it looks like to me having a lot of fun in your retirement years.  I'm impressed you're still able to ski as the last few times I've been I always swear it will be my last, and I have been an avid skier my entire life.  Anyway, good to hear from you.  If you ever get through Lubbock and need someone to buy you a warm meal since you're on "fixed income", look me up, I'd love to hear first hand stories of your travels.
Take care and God Bless.... Mark B.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for sharing your life once again.  You have a really great wit about your newsletters that always makes me giggle!  Seems like you are having a lot of fun, and that is great.  I hope I have as much fun when I retire!  Life is going well for me -- my boyfriend/fiancee of just over 7 years and I are very happy, and just returned from a 4 week trip to Panama.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I think about you often. With love, Ericka.

 You should be on the road, all right - on the comedy tour!  Too funny, and enormously enjoyable to read once again.  I understand what happened to your shoulder...what happened to your shirt?  (Be still my heart.)  You're looking good, sounding the same and better. Life is good, isn't it?
smooches..... Brenda A.

Thanks for the newsletter; it is always good to catch up on your travels and life (you really don't tell much).  It would be great if you would label the people in the pics; are they Susan, or your neices and family, or just some folks you wanted to take a pic of?
What's the status of your shoulder?  What about your love life and search for the perfect woman?
Come see us in late 2013; just give us some lead time.
....Alfred G.

Ok, Bill….it is about time for your newsletter !!  You know I am your biggest fan….You should be published by now….I have always told you that !!
Sounds like you had a good year last year despite your shoulder injury !!  What a bummer !!!  But I bet you enjoyed the cute chic physical therapists as Swiney Boat has !!!!   J  So it wasn’t all bad….Glad you are doing well now…!  I have skimmed some of your newsletter, but will read all of it in the days to come….!  And look forward to it !!
Be safe and be well !! ....Karen A.

Hi Bill!
I really enjoyed your newsletter and smiled the entire time reading it!  You look like you are having such a great time and are doing so many exciting things!!! I'm jealous! haha ;)... Tracy

How am I going to get a newsletter from you after you've killed yourself on one of your adventures? Glad you're doing better.  And I do enjoy these....Bill Mc

Hi Bill,
I hope you do get a chance to come out…we have plenty of room and it would be fun to chew the fat awhile!
.... Larry M.

Thanks for the newsletter. Always good hearing from you.
Man, you stay busy. Glad you’re enjoying life.
Keep those newsletters  coming.
.....Randy D.

I don’t know if I’m more impressed with your travels or with the unbelievable Newsletter you put together.   Outstanding job compiling all of your adventures into a very impressive newsletter.  I always enjoy seeing it and hope to look you up the next time I’m in Colorado Springs.  Thanks for sharing this with me.
....Steve C.

I could make room for one more.....